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User-Level Targeting


User-level targeting involves UserDB, a data management platform that comes with the Business & Enterprise tiers. Learn more about UserDB here.


User-level targeting (aka UserDB) is highly recommended if you can save a persistent ID about your users (such as through cookies, a log-in username, etc). With UserDB you can create valuable segments you can sell to advertisers at higher rates, as well as optimize delivery to show the most relevant ads and drive more revenue (not to mention improve the user experience).


User-level targeting refers to targeting that knows information about the particular individual seeing the ad. This data is tied to a persistent ID called the UserKey, which is passed in the key value of the user object of the Decision API request. This information is stored in Adzerk's UserDB in JSON format.

The main uses cases of user-level targeting are:

Interest / Behavioral Targeting
Demographic / Custom Properties Targeting
Excluding Ads Based on Behavior


Learn more about UserDB here, and you can find the UserDB endpoints here.

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User-Level Targeting

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