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Advertisers refers to the companies/individuals paying to have their ad shown.

Advertisers log-in to Adzerk with their own Advertiser Account. This lets them run reports.

For a full list of Advertiser API endpoints, click here.

Advertiser Fields

Refer to our API documentation for more info about our Advertisers endpoints.

Some fields are only available via the API and 1.0 Dashboard, but are in the process of being added to 2.0.

API Parameter

Advertiser Name

Advertiser Name


Advertiser ID

Needed for setting up campaigns/flights. In the UI, this is to the right of the Advertiser in the Advertiser tab

The id in the JSON request

Placement Limits

Limits how often ads from that advertisers will appear in an ad request. Defaults to 0, which is 'no limit`. Only available in 1.0


Frequency Capping settings

Enable Frequency Capping section (ask your account manager to enable). Only available in 1.0

FreqCap, FreqCapDuration, FreqCapType

Budget Capping settings

Or Revenue Caps, a Beta feature that will stop an ad from serving once a pre-specified budget is reached. Please see here for more information. You can set this at the daily level or lifetime value. Check 'unlimited' if you'd prefer to set limits elsewhere by metrics like end date, impression caps, etc. Only available in 1.0

CapType (has to be Revenue, which is CapType = 4), DailyCapAmount, LifetimeCapAmount


This is used just with API calls to indicate whether the advertiser should be deleted



This is used just with API calls to indicate the advertiser status

IsActive. Always set to be true

Creating an Advertiser with UI

  1. Go to the Advertisers tab and click on 'New Advertiser'
  2. Put in their name
  3. Save

To edit an Advertiser, click on the pencil to the right.

To delete an Advertiser, click on the X to the right.

Creating Advertisers with API

Use the Campaign Management API's Create Advertisers endpoint.

For required fields:

  • Add the title as the Advertiser name you want
  • IsActive = true
  • IsDeleted = false

Make sure to set IsActive to true and IsDeleted to false when creating.

All other fields are optional.



Updating Advertisers with API

Use the Campaign Management API's Update Advertisers endpoint.

The request will look like this:

  "Title":"Test advertiser",
  "FreqCap": 2,
  "FreqCapDuration": 10,
  "FreqCapType": 1

To delete an Advertiser, use the Campaign Management API's Update Advertisers endpoint and set Is Deleted = true.

The request will look like:

  "Title":"Test advertiser",

Once you set IsDeleted on an advertiser object to true, you cannot set it to false again. Instead, the API will return: {"message":"This advertiser is deleted."}

Inviting Advertisers to View Reports [1.0 Dashboard Only]

To invite an advertiser to log in, use the following steps.

  1. In the Campaigns tab, click Advertisers
  2. Click Send an Invite next to the name of the advertiser you want to invite
  3. Enter the advertiser's email address, and then click Send. The advertiser will receive an email with an invitation to log into your network

The advertiser will need to enter the following information to create their account:

  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Address

This information can be changed later in the Settings drop-down menu in the advertiser account.


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