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Day & Hour Parting

Day & Hour parting is set at the Flights level.


Day Parting allows you to limit a flight to serve on specific days, times, or both.

For instance, you could target users just in the evening or just on the weekends.

To serve the flight at the same specific time period every day, you must check all days.

Adzerk uses Coordinated Universal Time (UTC / GMT), so be sure to account for any time zone difference when setting up day/hour parting. Day-parting is tied to UTC, not the specific user's time zone.

Setting Up via the UI

  1. Click on the 'Day Parting' tab on the left
  2. Set the times and/or days you'd like it to serve
  3. Save

Enabling via the API

Use the below parameters in the Create Flight request.

For day-of-week parting, use boolean logic around the parameters of IsSunday, IsMonday, etc, where true means you want to specifically target this day.

If you want to exclude a day, you can set it to false. You do not need to enable the other six days to true



Format: HH:MM:SS, or 21:00:00


Format: HH:MM:SS, or 21:00:00


Whether to show ads on Sunday or not. Default = null


Whether to show ads on Monday or not. Default = null


Whether to show ads on Tuesday or not. Default = null


Whether to show ads on Wednesday or not. Default = null


Whether to show ads on Thursday or not. Default = null


Whether to show ads on Friday or not. Default = null


Whether to show ads on Saturday or not. Default = null

For time-of-day parting, use Military Time (not AM/PM)

For example, to create a flight that targets:

  1. Just the weekend (Sat/Sunday)
  2. Just noon to 8pm (using GMT)

use this Create Flight request:

  "GoalType": 1,
  "DatePartingStartTime": "12:00:00",
  "DatePartingEndTime": "20:00:00",
  "IsSunday": true,
  "IsSaturday": true

You can also update the caps with the Update Flights endpoint.

Troubleshooting Non-UTC Times

Given that the system uses UTC, it may be the case you have to split apart a flight into two to make time-of-day parting work, if the start/end dates cross the midnight UTC cut-off.

For instance:

Target PST Hours
UTC Time (7 hrs ahead)
Flight 1 (UTC)
Flight 2 (UTC)

10am - 2pm

5pm - 9pm



4pm - 8pm

11pm - 3am (crosses midnight)


12am - 3am

In this case, to target 4pm-8pm PST, you'll have to create two flights, one targeting the time before midnight UTC, and the other targeting the hours after midnight UTC.

Day & Hour Parting

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