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Decision SDKs

Use the Adzerk Decision SDKs (software development kits) to easily fetch ad decisions or update your UserDB records. Most of our SDKs are for server-side use, but the JavaScript SDK can also be used client-side in web browsers.

API Credentials & Required IDs

  • Network ID: Log into Adzerk UI & use the "circle-i" help menu in upper right corner to find Network ID. Required for all SDK operations.
  • Site ID: Go to Manage Sites page to find site IDs. Required when fetching an ad decision.
  • Ad Type ID: Go to Ad Sizes page to find Ad Type IDs. Required when fetching an ad decision.
  • API Key: Go to API Keys page find active API keys. Required when writing to UserDB.
  • User Key: UserDB IDs are specified or generated for each user.

Decision SDKs

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Decision SDKs

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