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Ad refers to Creatives that are tied to a Flight. Meaning - when you're in Flight settings, any Creative in the Creatives section can also be called an Ad. The Ad bucket enables even deeper targeting by Creative vs Flight level. It is possible to create a Creative with the API without tying it to a Flight (in which case it isn't technically an Ad).

For a full list of our Ads API endpoints, click here.

Ads/Creatives UI Page

The Ads page shows all ads for your account and enables you to filter by name, advertiser, campaign, and more.

Creating a New Ad/Creative or editing one brings you to this page:

Creating and Editing an Ad

With UI

  1. Click 'New Creative' in the Creatives section on a Flight page.
  2. Fill in the Creative Details and Delivery Settings sections
  3. Save

You can then edit by clicking the pencil, delete by pressing the 'X', and duplicate/get ad code by pressing the three dots.

Creating with API

Please refer to our Create Ads endpoint. To first create an ad, you'll need to create a Creative using the UI or the Create Creative API endpoint. Alternatively, you could add a Creative object to the Create Ads request and create both the Creative and Ad at the same time.



The Campaign's ID


One creative object should be passed with "Creative ID".


The Flight's ID


Whether ad should be eligible to serve

All other fields are optional.



To edit, use the Update Ad endpoint to update Ad details.

General Settings of an Ad

Most users use the Flight's default targeting settings - so edit these fields only if want to give specific ads additional control.

An Ad consists of two main aspects:

(1) Its Creative Details, such as ad size, image file, click URL. For Creative Details set-up instructions, please visit our Creatives Doc.

(2) Delivery Settings, such as distribution, frequency capping, and keyword targeting. You do not have to set these, as by default ads take the Flight's targeting settings.

Below are the Delivery Settings fields you can edit with the UI and API:

API Field

Override Flight Start/End Dates

If you want to set different start or end dates than the Flight

IsStartEndDateOverride (boolean), StartDateISO (string), EndDateISO (string)


If you want to override how the ad is displayed. Auto-Balanced is default setting and means ad engine will balance this creative with others, so all creatives have an equal opportunity to serve. With the UI you can Override this to input its own Goal Type and Goal. With API you can also override and set this to a specific Percentage or Impressions number.

Either DistributionType + Percentage or Impressions


Update GoalType and Goal instead

Frequency Capping

Limits how many times a user sees an ad. Instructions here

DontAffectParentFreqCap, FreqCap, FreqCapDuration, FreqCapType

Site Specific

Use this to target an ad to a specific site, different from the rest of the flight


Zone Specific

Use this to target an ad to a specific zone, different from the rest of the flight


Custom Targeting

Targets custom key/value pairs passed in the request. Instructions here


Keyword Targeting

Targets specific words passed in the request. Instructions here


When ad-level frequency capping and flight-level frequency capping are both set, the ad will be capped using the most restrictive setting. For instance, if ad-level capping allows an ad to serve 1 time per 24 hours, but flight-level capping allows for 1 time per 6 hours, we will only serve the ad to a user 1 time per 6 hours.

Troubleshooting Blank or No Ads

It can take up to 5 minutes for a new campaign, flight, or creative to start serving.

A blank ad means that Adzerk has chosen not to fill an ad request with a creative, because there are no active creatives eligible to serve to that placement. Eligibility is determined by:

  • The ad size
  • The site
  • The zone
  • Keywords
  • Custom targeting
  • Caps and goals of the flight

To troubleshoot it, see below:

If the campaign, flight, or creative has a status of Healthy, but you still don't see ads on your site, use this checklist to troubleshoot:

In the Campaigns Tab

  • If a newly uploaded ad is not serving, did you make a change to a flight and not save the flight or creative? Try re-saving if you aren't sure
  • Does your creative work? Check the creative preview to ensure that it does
  • If your flight has a fixed impression goal, is the goal too small for the time period (for example, 100 impressions over 2 months)? The ad engine may be spacing out impressions too infrequently
  • Does the ad originate from a third party? Check that they are consistently serving the ad on their end
  • Do you have geo-targeting or keyword targeting that may prevent you from seeing the ad?
  • If other ads are serving and the one in question is not, is it ahead of schedule for its flight goal?
  • If other ads are serving and the one in question is not, do you have a lot of other flights with more specific targeting that are getting served first?
  • Have you checked that today is within the campaign/flight start and end date?
  • Has the advertiser been deleted?

In the Inventory Tab

  • Are both the script tag and the div tag in your site's code?
  • Does the div id match the id in the ad call (for example, "azk68760")?
  • Do the ad tags you generated match the size and zone targeting (if any) of the creative?
  • Did you make sure to generate ad code from within the correct site and place it on the same site?
  • Does the site belong to the same channel as the flight's priority?

In the Reports Tab

  • Are there higher priority flights that are capturing all the impressions for the placement? Run a report, and Group By Priority to see what is serving to that placement
  • If you have very many sites, it could be difficult to see a single creative show up on a site. Run a report and Group By Creative to see if impressions are being tracked

If you have followed this list and the ad still isn't serving, please contact our Support team.


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