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Adzerk supports serving display, video, and native ads via RTB. RTB ads can be delivered via standard Javascript tags, or through the Decision API. Additionally, RTB ads and advertisers can also be created via the Management API.

We have directly integrated with a number of RTB providers, and more detailed instructions follow. We support standard OpenRTB features on OpenRTB bidders, such as Supply Chain. If you're interested in directly integrating via OpenRTB 2.3 with a provider that isn't listed, contact support, your account manager, or sales to discuss further.

Adzerk auctions enable customers to get the most revenue from direct sold campaigns or RTB campaigns. This works by letting both campaigns and RTB bids compete against each other for impressions in real-time. Auctions compare ads by effective cost per mille (eCPM), which allows real-time bids, CPM, CPC, CPA, and flat-rate campaigns to compete together.

Ads with better performing eCPM are served more often, ensuring that the most lucrative ads reach the most engaged audiences. We offer both standard auctions and second-price auctions, where winning bids are recorded as the losing bid plus one cent. Ads can also be capped by impressions, clicks, conversions or your advertiser’s budget.

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