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Zones Overview


A Zone is a placement that can include or exclude certain flights/creatives. This gives you the ability to specifically target some flights to a certain zone, but not to other spots.

Zones are not required. They are also not exclusive, and Zones placements can serve flights that are not targeted to zones.

Using Zones

There are many situations where zoning your inventory can be useful, but here are two common ones:

Basic Use

There are four placements on your site. Two are served Above the Fold (meaning that visitors view them without scrolling the page), and the other two are Below the Fold. You can charge advertisers more for the placements above the fold, because they are more likely to be seen.

  1. Create two zones for the Site. Name one "Above the Fold", and the other "Below the Fold"
  2. Target a flight with premium ads to the "Above the Fold" zone
  3. Target a flight with less expensive ads to the "Below the Fold" zone

Advanced Use

Different pages of your site attract different types of users, and some users are more valuable than others. You want to make sure that you are serving relevant ads to each type.

  1. Create zones for each sub-page of your Site
  2. Target flights based on the audience of each zone
  3. Exclude flights from any zones that may be inappropriate for a user (for example, you may want to exclude a flight of Samsung ads from an Apple user page)

For even greater control of targeting to placements, consider using Keyword Targeting instead of Zone targeting.

Reporting on Zones

Adzerk records one impression per zone per placement.

If a flight without zone targeting is served by a placement with multiple zones, we will only record the impression and click etc. for the first zone listed in the placement.

Zones Overview